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Infra Engineers i-Leasing Services are structured under two divisions:

  • Hiring Services
  • Contract Services

We undertake requests for equipment leasing and leasing of project contract services.

Hiring Services

Infra Engineers inventory consists of a large fleet of construction equipment for leasing out. To facilitate short duration leasing of equipment, we have established nodal offices across key geographies which helps us ship out the equipment to project sites at short notice.

Large projects have short-term needs for construction equipment and it helps companies to cut costs by hiring such equipment. Lag time in the sourcing and delivery of the machines poses delays which increases overall project costs. Our hiring service addresses this need. With our large inventory and manpower to manage the equipment, we are the right choice for equipment hiring.

Our inventory comprises Excavators, Motor Graders, Bull Dozer and Backhoe Loaders of all makes and country of origin. A fleet of over 100 equipment will cater to the needs of Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Our dedicated hubs in Africa and South East Asia makes it a convenient to ship out equipment easily, reducing lead time for equipment sourcing by 50%.

Contract Services

Infra Engineers has strong expertise and relationships built in the construction industry. Coupled with the skilled manpower we have trained and nurtured, we have built up capabilities in contract management services.

Our Contract Services include:
  • Excavation contracts for mining industry
  • All excavation and earthmoving services for the construction industry

Our Skillport Centres established in the free-zone develops skilled manpower on a continuous basis and these resources are available to manage excavation contracts Established nodal points world-wide further facilitates quick placement of staff at the project sites.

Business Approach

Operations Hub:South East Asia, Middle East & Africa (India, Thailand & Dubai) (Shortly in Ethiopia, North Sudan & Ghana)

  • Re-engineering of used equipment customized to project needs
  • Re-conditioning & refurbishing
  • Enhancements through ancillary parts, fittings & accessories
  • Re-conditioned in line with international quality standards
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul post sales

i-Re-engineering business division of Infra Engineers India is a one-stop shop for all reconditioning and repair of engines, motors, hydraulic equipment, fabrications, electrical repairs, under carriage makeovers, tinkering and painting. our services to include regular MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) and re-engineering goods to suit the unique needs of our patrons. We handle small to large scale equipment and their components. We enhance and retrofit specially created attachments and accessories to suit the unique demands of the project. Re engineering segment for the international markets operates from the customs bonded zones.

With a large dedicated workforce, the workshop ensures refurbishing and reconditioning of used construction equipment which is cost effective and timely.

As we increasingly serve the Australian and European markets, the demands for quality standards are very high. Our re-engineered products are delivered at the highest quality standards and benchmarked to international requirements.

Operations Hub:South East Asia, Middle East & Africa (India, Thailand & Dubai) (Shortly in Ethiopia, North Sudan & Ghana)

Infra Engineers India's trading division manages the entire gamut of trading activities for construction equipment. i-Trading sources and supplies used goods of any make and country of origin. Specific to the customers' requirements, Infra Engineers India's i-Trading division manages the supply and delivery of construction equipment across the globe.

We have established our trading hub in Africa which serves as a nodal centre for all

I-Trading responds to the unique needs of buyers, sources equipment and spare parts from the preferred supplier, customizes the equipment and ships it to its customers. i-Trading has built relationships in the industry and has the reach to procure equipment at ex-factory prices and passes on the cost benefit to buyers elsewhere. i-Trading has established trade relations with over 3000 customers worldwide.

We supply used and brand new construction equipment for overseas buyers. Applying the concept of factory-to-project site, we source and supply equipment, both used and brand new, to customers in the most cost efficient manner. We help connect buyers and sellers in the most cost efficient manner, supply goods at ex-factory prices and undertake shipments to the buyers' destination.

We trade in all kinds of construction equipment and components in used and brand new condition.

Operations Hub:South East Asia, Middle East & Africa (India, Thailand & Dubai) (Shortly in Ethiopia, North Sudan & Ghana)

i-Auctioneering is the auctioning platform provided by Infra Engineers India. Infra Engineers India rests on the trading network built across South Asia and is ready to service customers across the Asian continent. The i-Auctioneering Service division functions from several establishments across Southeast Asia. At present, we are operational in the auctioneering services with our partners in Thailand. We have established sourcing centers in key continents such as Australia, Africa, China, UAE, Southeast Asia.

The i-Auctioneering Service Offering
  • Provide a direct platform for suppliers and buyers
  • Leverage on existing linkages in the supply of equipment
  • Establish auctioneering companies in proximity to prospective customers
  • Operate from free trade zones to realize tax benefits
  • Auction services for both used and brand new equipment of all types – construction, infrastructure, agricultural, consumer, and other machinery

Operations Hub:South East Asia, Middle East & Africa (India, Thailand & Dubai) (Shortly in Ethiopia, North Sudan & Ghana)

i-Skillport is a manpower management service, provided to customers at project sites. Skillport is a team of well-trained operationally-ready operators and technicians,ready to be deployed at client sites and mobilized from our nearest centers.

The challenges in getting skilled equipment operators and technicians are many. Such technical labor productivity can be optimized when outsourced. It cuts down project gestation time and makes for efficient use of resources. Furthermore, the demand supply mismatch results in considerable downtime and cost escalations.

i-Skillport, Infra Engineers India technical manpower development solutions addresses the problem and provides trained and experienced manpower to construction projects. The demand for such technical operators has helped us structure our manpower development model to suit the needs of our clients and patrons by taking a structured approach to training and deployment to projects world-wide.

The shortage of skilled manpower for project activity is a reality today. We serve this demand by training & mobilizing manpower directly from our nodal centers such as South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Our ready-for-deployment Skillport teams are in demand across the world and we hope to increase our team size over the year.

  • Deployment of trained technicians and operators anywhere
  • Training services to customers at on-shore project site
  • Structured training program at free-zones to create surplus of skilled manpower
  • Training services to OEMs and appointed personnel
  • Contracting of Skillport Team of 100 people and above for a minimum period of six months and above
  • Skillport Teams are operationally ready with adequate travel documents, ready for immediate deployment

Audio Visual Presentation of Infra Engineers India highlighting business model and refurbishment processes adopted by Infra Engineers to stand tall amidst stiff competition.

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